Fine Art Acquisition

  • budget proposals, leasing, and rental plans
  • assembling site-specific works of art for presentation in the home or work space
  • leaving selected works of art on approval
  • custom framing and professional installation
  • integrating new acquisitions with existing art collections
  • commissioning site specific works of art

Fine Art Asset Management

  • photographing, cataloguing, and appraising collections for inventory and insurance purposes
  • condition reports and conservation recommendations
  • restoration and cleaning
  • reframing artwork to museum standards for preservation and enhancement
  • re-hanging existing works of art to best advantage
  • moving and relocating art collections

Curatorial Services

  • Curatorial services for the creation of exhibitions in commercial and public galleries and other venues such as consulates and embassies abroad

Worldwide Shipping

  • Packaging, crating, and transporting artwork to any international destination

Leasing of Artwork to Purchase

  • leasing may provide up to 100% financing of the artwork
  • artwork can be acquired immediately
  • working capital and credit lines remain free for other uses
  • fixed rates for the full term
  • simplified budgeting and accounting
  • lease payments are tax-deductible
  • at the lease expiry, artwork is owned outright
  • insurance for the artwork must be guaranteed by the lessor until lease expires

Custom Framing

  • Creative solutions for the framing and presentation of any work of art using acid-free materials to museum standards

Fee Structure

  • Our fee structure is dependent upon the size and scope of a project.
  • It is our policy to discuss and negotiate a compensation package prior to undertaking any work.
  • Our clients are always kept up to date as to the progress and incurred costs of the project.
  • We are confident that you will find acceptable the business and costing structure of any proposal we offer.